The DP Hood from Buffalo Systems is a classic, it keeps the wearer warm and dry thanks to the Pile and Pertex combination.  Fits all DP System clothing.

Unlined Pertex® Hoods are also available to attach to the Windshirts.


Classic Pertex or PForm Shell and 'AquaTherm' pile lining. The head loses body heat, therefore to maintain overall comfort it is important to insulate the head in cold or windy conditions. • Fits all "DP System" clothing • Simple but secure touch-and-close fastening • Two position adjuster • Full face coverage in adverse conditions • Detachable face piece • Can be sewn into position


Sizes: Extra Small (to fit 32-34) / Small (36) / Medium (38-40) / Large (42-44) / Extra Large (46-50)

DP Hoods - Classic Pertex or PForm Shell and 'AquaTherm' pile lining